About Me


I'm a first-generation Mexican-American studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I'm interested in filmmaking, and I want to get more into post-production in video editing, but I would also love to learn about VFX, sound, and color grading.

Major: Communication B.A., Media and Technology Studies and Production

Minor: Data Science


As a Mexican-American, I balanced two different cultures at the same time.  Being born and raised in Durham, you will find other Latinos and we each have our own stories. Me being the first one I had to learn everything on my own. The language, culture, school, finance, and overall living in a country where equality is camouflaged with reality. Over the years in education thinking about what career I wanted to pursue changed till coming to Chapel Hill where I landed in media production. I love creating art for others' eyes and a plus if it can make a change for the community. 

The other half of my identity is from my mother's hometown, (Xolotla) Pahuatlán, Puebla, Mexico.  Having the opportunity to visit my family for the first time, learn the history, and the culture of where my mother came from has opened my eyes. I say this because the area is the descent of the Nahuas and a lot of the history of Mexico can be seen here in the language(Nahuatl) and the art (embroidery).